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Sanding and revarnishing a kitchen floor.


We had an interesting job to return a kichen floor to its previous glory. The clients were going away for three days which gave us a good window to get the work done. The varnish had worn away and had become quite patchy in places. To begin with we sanded off all the old varish (a harder job than we had expected but as we had promised to have the job completed within a three days we had to sand on). Then we stained the floor boards to match the original colour using a spirit based stain to get better penetration and a far superior look. Finaly we varnished it using a Liberon oil based floor varnish. This takes a lot longer to dry than water based varieties but the final finish is exceptionaly hard wearing. It was a close run thing to get the final coat down and have enough time for it to dry before the clients came back but we made it.

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